I heard someone say that people who like Fleetwood Mac don’t appreciate good music.  Are they considered a guilty pleasure?  I never realized that.  Then again, I’ve always had a fondness for “yacht rock” so I guess I’m biased, not that Fleetwood Mac is necessarily yacht rock type music.

Anyway, I’m listening to Stevie Nicks’ “Bella Donna” this morning as I do some research for something I’m working on.   I was listening to Kind of Woman and realizing just how much I adore her.  Not that this is her best song or anything, but it made me remember that I love listening to her songs whether they were solo released or as part of FM.

Something definitely drew me to the way she presents herself to the world, that essence of the spiritual or mystical.   I find it a little ironic that I was drawn to that even as a young person, back when I was in a strict religion that forbade me from reading or listening to anything that may be “pagan”.

Now, when I listen to her music and think about it, I don’t just enjoy the music for the music’s sake.  I always feel like somehow it represents having an open mind, to realize that  we  don’t  fully understand everything  about the universe and the possibilities of what is out there, of the true magic in the world.

Too much for a lazy Sunday, maybe.  I should go back to research and enjoy the music.