The sun in your eyes made some of your lies worth believing:

I remember listening to this song on the radio as a young kid and being captivated by it. Something about it just sounded completely different to me and to this day when I hear it come on randomly it makes me happy.  I didn’t start really listening to Prog Rock bands until much later, but this was one of my earliest introductions. Yet apparently the song qualifies as Yacht Rock as well.

So when did “Yacht Rock” become a thing? Apparently the term itself was coined in 1990 by Dave Larsen, a music critic for the Dayton Daily News, when he was describing a Jimmy Buffett concert. (This info is from Wikipedia, where they are legally bound never to lie so feel free to trust this information).

I’m definitely not a Buffett fan, although I can stomach “Come Monday”. But something about that Yacht Rock era, mid 70’s to early 80’s mellow rock, always gets me.

My biggest influence in music was my dad. We listened to a lot of different music in our house. My earliest memories of my mom listening to music was Billy Joel. But my dad? Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Heart, Kate Bush, CSNY…but the band that stuck with me the most was Steely Dan. For whatever reason their music struck a chord and has always stayed with me. Aja is perhaps my favorite album of all time. And supposedly, Steely Dan is the gateway drug to Yacht Rock. Now, my love for this band requires a whole separate post at a different time. And while there’s a lot of great choices for classic Yacht Rock songs, a couple pop up immediately.

I wanna make you understand, I’m talking about a lifetime plan:

This song by Little River Band is pretty catchy, and to me it’s a great representation of what Yacht Rock is. I remember seeing them in concert in Boston, opening for Chicago. I loved seeing all the older couples in the audience jump up to dance to this song. When I hear this on the radio, it makes me smile and I just have to sing along.

I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become:

Another classic 80’s song; I saw Toto recently when they toured with Yes (or what remains of the band). The song may be cheesy but it’s great Yacht Rock. It brings back fond flashbacks of my youth when I’d have my tape deck ready to press record for a great song on the radio, pretending I was a DJ. I did get annoyed when this song began at their concert, only because it seemed every person around me had been waiting only for this one song. The out of tune singing surrounding me took away from the start of this song, but I powered through and finally tuned them out to enjoy the real thing. Also, it made me realize I was singing out loud too. Hypocrite!

Anyway, I encourage you to seek out your favorite corny Yacht Rock songs…sip a margarita and enjoy your own flashbacks.