2018 is my year to change, my Thunder Year, my time to finally express my creativity and write for real.  Part of that is this site, which I update much too infrequently.  The majority of that is writing a novel.

The website – well no one visits it as far as I know, so it doesn’t bother me horribly that I don’t have a new post every day.

The novel – wow.  What a cliche, right?  Isn’t everyone writing a novel?  I know, I get it.  But this is something that has been a part of me since I was a little kid.  Something that is a part of my being, this desire to be creative through my writing.  So much in my life up until now has conspired to pull me away from what I truly want to do in life.  Finally, I feel like a change has come over me.  I truly feel like I am going to do what I’ve always wanted to do, and everything is in place for me to succeed.  Trust me, I’m very excited!

So why do I feel sick to my stomach when I’m about to submit a short story to a national publication?