Last night we watched “Perfect Sense”, a 2011 sci-fi movie that bordered on horror starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green.

If you haven’t seen the movie, SPOILER ALERT! I’m saying this even though the only people reading this blog are the ones I invent in my head.

Ok, so this not a horror movie, but let me explain my thought process after watching.  The plot essentially portrays a world where people in the world slowly lose all of their senses, beginning with taste and rolling on down the line.  It was more a romance story than anything, but I would recommend it as a very interesting concept.

If I had to choose to lose one of my five (major) senses, which would I choose? This is actually a question I had before ever seeing this movie.  Thinking about the terrifying possibilities of losing all senses, the idea of losing just one loses some of it’s fright.

If forced to choose out of the five major ones, I decided I’d choose touch. Now I know this would create a whole set of problems, most of which I can’t even imagine until it’s something I lost.  I’m sure I would deal with it and work around it as needed. The scary part was thinking about losing my sense of sight or sound.

Music and reading are the two things that have always been with me, since I was a nerdy kid who was nervous around people. I could lose myself in books and not have to worry about reality, about fitting in. As I got older, music became an easier way to zone out and improve my mood, allowing me to wallow in misery or lift me up out of it. Music even became a passageway into great friendships, helping me to break out of the quiet and shy cocoon and have experiences I probably wouldn’t have  otherwise enjoyed.

I’m sorry hands…stay away from hot stoves or wear oven mitts more often. I need my eyes and ears to work.