I’ve had so many stops and starts.  Not only in the past few years, but my whole life.  For now, let’s just talk about writing.

When I was a child, I wanted to either be a writer or in the mafia.  When that was met with some nervousness from the adults in my life, I changed mafia to FBI.  Writing was always a constant.

My grandmother always encouraged this dream, and we would write stories together.  Our reading tastes weren’t quite the same; I wasn’t allowed to read Stephen King.  Now I wish she were still around so we could discuss Misery or The Stand.

I recently finished reading On Writing by Stephen King.  The Universe, Mr. King, and my wife have really encouraged me in the last couple of weeks to dig back into my first love.

I don’t believe the mafia is in my future, so I’m really going to give writing a shot.  A real shot this time.  Wish me luck