Maybe wandering the streets of San Francisco inspires me to write. Or maybe I just really am a huge procrastinator.  Either way, I”m back in SF and got the day off to explore.

Standard tourist fare: took a trolley car to Fisherman’s Wharf. Walked around there a bit, decided to go to a different neighborhood for some refueling, and hit Ghirardelli Square for some dark chocolate.

Highlight of the day had to be Musee Mecanique.  The place has an enormous collection of coin operated antique machines, actually playable. Well, most of them were playable.

The entire Fisherman’s Wharf area seems pretty overpopulated by touristy stores and restaurants, but that place was a lot of fun. Just walking around it was amazing.  It reminded me when I was a kid going to Disney World – one of the coolest things I saw were the old arcade style machines in a store on Main Street.  My whole family was excited to go on rides or take a picture with Mickey, but I was thrilled to watch a “movie” like they did before TV.

Well..that’s about it.  I wanted to write these posts so I could remember what I did, but I started this one in March when I actually was IN San Francisco. It’s now almost the end of April.  But something pulled me to the blog and I just had to finish it.

So there you go, my 2nd SF visit, for the (non-existent) people who read this.  Go there, and play a bit at Musee Mecanique.  OH – and go to The Braxton for their French Dip and martini with blue cheese olives. Damn good combo.