I’m sitting in the Minneapolis airport waiting for my flight and listening to “Blue” by Joni Mitchell.  “My Old Man” is playing right now.  This week I’ve been listening to a lot of her stuff, and yet I still wouldn’t be able to answer any  trivia questions about her songs.  I did read an enjoyable article about her though, by Lindsay Zoladz on The Ringer:


I’m really not sure what it is about listening to her stuff…her voice? The lyrics? The way she plays guitar?  Probably all of it.  I have a few musical regrets, and not seeing her live is one of them.

There’s just something about her that makes me feel warm and sad, warm and happy, sometimes both.

Anyway, read the article because it’s really good. Then listen to some of the music (I guess suggesting the album “Blue” is cliche but that’s for a reason).