2016 has been a rough year as far as death in the music world. Maurice White…Merle Haggard…Glenn Frey…Paul Kantner…Prince…Bowie…

Obviously any death is sad and hits people to different degrees, but the love of music has played such an important part of my life that these in particular hit me hard. I’m not saying that it sends me spiraling into a deep depression, but I feel a loss as if they were personal friends. It makes me want to listen to their music again as if for the first time. And the typical response is to immediately post a favorite song to social media, or perhaps put on a favorite album and listen to it with your friends or family.

When David Bowie died, I listened to almost all his albums from start to finish. He was one of the artists I really grew up listening to and appreciating once I started choosing my own preferences and realizing what I liked.

This post, though, is about those still living. I feel like a poser going back to listen to an artist I hadn’t listened to in months or more just because they were no longer with us. So I’d like to try posting some songs now and then by artists that are still around, to appreciate them now while I can still say thank you.

An artist who resonated with me from the time that I first heard him with Crowded House, one of my favorite musicians and song writers of all time, is Neil Finn. I won’t spend a whole post on a biography, you can Wikipedia him if you’d like (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Finn) or visit his website (http://neilfinn.com/).

Here I just wanted to play a few songs I love and hopefully let other people appreciate his talent.

Sinner (Try Whistling This/1998) is possibly my favorite song on his first solo album:

Only Talking Sense (Finn/1995) was an amazing song on my most played CD back in ’95. Neil and his brother Tim put out an album together, loved seeing them tour for this back then:

Four Seasons In One Day (Woodface/1991) was my favorite song on my favorite Crowded House album. This was also written by Tim & Neil, and it was around that time I felt this song writing duo could do no wrong. They’re a great team, and I wish they would tour together again:

So, hopefully you enjoyed. And the point of this is to keep you digging down that rabbit hole of music to find something you love. Or at least appreciate.

Let me know what you think!